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Hello and welcome! I really mean that, I’ve been waiting here for you. And now you’re here! Simply put, this is wonderful!

My name is Mark Zmarzly (Za-Mars-Zlee) and this site serves as a way to understand what I do in the world but, more importantly,  how I can assist you.

At my core, I’m an entrepreneur, speaker, and a connector of people and ideas. I also have nice hair.

But it wasn’t always that way – well, I’ve always had thick, luscious hair – but my previous life involved a traditional career path in the world of Financial Services.

While in corporate America I was quickly promoted because I have an insatiable desire to learn new things and I wanted to build new things. It got to the point where I knew I had to create my own path to really build and contribute at the highest level possible…and, now here we are!

My contributions to the world are in four distinct areas so while you’re welcome to look around this site, I also maintain several web properties for my different endeavors:


My Main Website: (you are here)

Here you can learn how I help organizations and individuals make clearer and more meaningful connections between ideas, people, and results! The outcome is increased sales, engagement, income, and passion!

I’ve been doing this for a decade since I took my MA in Creative Writing and utilized it in the financial services industry in very unique ways.

I see and create connections between people and ideas that most others miss and am able to help individuals and corporations creative compelling narrative stories to increase sales and engagement!

Creative Writer + Top Sales Results + Insatiable Desire to Learn = A Unique Value Proposition for You


My Start Up: Hip Pocket  –

Hip Pocket is software company that helps financial institutions engage individuals in meaningful online conversations about their current finances. We do this be showing users an unbiased analysis of where their current finances (loan rates, balances, etc.) compare with their peers. The end result is more context and confident for the consumer and more new loans and trust for our financial clients.

This product will launch with it’s first client in the next few weeks.

The mission behind Hip Pocket is to save real people, real money. It’s one of the great joys of my life!


My Financial Services Consulting/Speaking Site:

If you are in the banking or credit union industry, you can learn more about my career within our industry on this site. It also houses my blog as well as more information about my speaking and consulting services within the financial services industry. If you are not in this industry, move along. :)


My Super Secret Blog Site – Undisclosed

This serves as my fun creative outlet for detailing my journey thorough life. Undisclosed location for now, but buy me a drink and I’ll tell you where to find it.